Why the #1 overall seed will go down in the second round

The NCAA tournament field of 68 was revealed a day ago on the CBS selection special. Right off the bat, Villanova, as the defending champion, was declared the number one overall seed. Moments later, the 8-9 game of the East region was announced, featuring Virginia Tech and Wisconsin, and just like that, Villanova’s chance of repeating vanished right before our eyes. That’s right—I am telling you that the number one overall seed and defending champion Villanova Wildcats will get smoked by the Wisconsin Badgers, and here’s how…
1. ‘Nova is psychologically vulnerable

Villanova had an outstanding championship run last year—no doubt—as an underdog. This year, they are the favorite to win it all based on ESPN Tournament Challenge numbers. 

Last year, they were a low 2 seed. This year, they are the highest 1 seed.

Last year, coach Jay Wright was on the hot seat. This year, he’s the defending champion.

Last year, they had Ryan Arcidiacano, an amazing shooter and leader, and Daniel Ochefu, a solid post player and rim protector. This year, they don’t.

My point is that Villanova’s situation this year is completely different from the one last year. If anything, compare this year’s Villanova to themselves back in 2015. Both teams are high 1 seeds and considered legit contenders. However, the 2015 Villanova team lost in the second round…

2. Wisconsin is built for the tournament

It takes two teams to determine the result of a game. Villanova being a vulnerable team is not enough for Wisconsin to win. However, Wisconsin needs to be taken seriously because they are legit.

It is clear that the Badgers underperformed in this year’s regular season. However, their starting lineup is loaded. 

Bronson Koenig, a senior, can shoot lights out, and he’s proven to be clutch.

Zak Showalter, a senior, is also a lights out shooter.

Nigel Hayes, a senior, is a mismatch waiting to happen, as he can both post up and play on the perimeter.

Vitto Brown, a senior, is a big, tough, hard-working stretch forward.

Ethan Happ, not quite a senior, is one of the most skilled big men in the nation.

3. Villanova is proven to be beatable

The Wildcats are not last year’s team. They are not a surprise, under-the-radar team like before. They shoot and make a lot of 3s, but when they miss, Villanova loses.

Nova forward Kris Jenkins is one of the best shooters in the field, but he can and has been shut down. Last year, he was more of a surprise. This year, he will be heavily scouted against.

Because of these three reasons, Wisconsin will stroll past Villanova in the second round, and don’t be surprised when it happens.

Featured Photo by Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports


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